Unique Easter Gifts, Eco-Friendly
Homemade Easter Baskets &
Healthy Candy!!

Consider a Green Easter this Year Using Eco-Friendly and
Unique Easter Gifts.
Remember, it's not too early to plan ahead...And, it's never too late to assemble homemade Easter baskets for your loved ones and friends. I'll show you how! Below are pointers and tips to maintain a green, organic Easter. Ready to have fun?

Top Unique Easter Gift Ideas
Easter Baskets
If you already have an Easter basket(s), recycle and use them again. Alter them from year to year utilizing bows, flowers and other simple embellishments. And, if you don't have any basket(s) on hand, make sure to select and invest in a quality basket that is reusable. Don't be afraid to think outside the box, try implementing something other than the traditional basket. Use steel buckets or pails, hats, rain boots, wooden bowls, cookie tins, canvas bags you can personalize and for that person who enjoys gardening, take advantage of a large planter or pot. Does anyone need a natural bike basket? Be creative...recycle gallon milk jugs, cardboard or wooden boxes for baskets—decorate and wallah. Sounds weird, I know, but anything can be beautified and the possibilities are limitless. Hey, you can also run to the thrift store for a quick basket. And don't worry, if it looks too shabby you can spruce it up with paint. But, use your judgment...sometimes good ones are hard to find. And, if you desire to make homemade Easter baskets from scratch, see our ideas—coming soon.

Easter Grass
You will need some type of natural Easter grass. Being green, I forgo the plastic grass...sooo un-natural and lasts years in landfills. Instead, make use of shredded paper, cut up strips of colored paper, crumbled colored paper, shredded magazines, Spanish moss, raffia, pine tree branches with pine cones, popcorn—yes popcorn, yarn, ribbon, play silks , whole piece or cut up fabric, "new" small blanket, place setting cloth and or grow your own Easter grass (need approx 7 days to grow your own). See, any of these items can be used in place of the typical plastic grass! And, they all can be recycled for other uses or composted. All easy and accessible!

Easter Eggs
Dyed Easter Eggs using Eco-Eggs Easter egg coloring kit. Remember only color the amount of eggs that your family will consume...We don't want to toss our edible eggs. So, dye your eggs with eco friendly dyes or make your own with food coloring and vinegar. We also have painted our eggs with eco friendly paint...example glob paint kit.

Filler Eggs
Again, Easter is to be green and fun, therefore reuse or recycle your filler plastic eggs if you have them from last year. If you do not, then don't bother acquiring any...Yes, they are convenient, however they are not healthy for the environment. Instead, choose our green Easter egg alternatives! These eco-friendly options not only make great simple gifts, they are collectible...Which we love!

Blown Eggs
Substitute REAL eggs for filler eggs. It easy...just blow the egg out of the shell, carefully carve a hole at the bottom of the blown egg large enough slip jelly beans inside. Boil the eggs for 1 minute, drain, let dry, decorate, fill with jelly beans and place a sticker on the bottom to cover the hole. This idea can be fun for children who enjoy cracking the eggs open to find the surprise that is inside. If you choose not to use jelly beans, try special notes, etc. Decorative blown eggs, without anything inside makes additional unique Easter gifts.

Wood Eggs
Eggs by Haba. Decorate yourself for gifts or get the kids involved...Give these eggs a special touch using paints or decoupage. Wow, remember decoupage...it's still in!

Filler Wooden Eggs. Truly a great find! Paint or decoupage these whimsical eggs with paper, fabric, etc. to create a beautiful collector piece. Here you can also acquire wooden nesting eggs. These are so cool!

Filler Paper Eggs
Filler paper mache eggs. I remember receiving these when I was younger. In fact, I still have them! Purchase ready to use or embellish with your own inspiring design. Exciting find!

Felted Eggs. coming soon

Fabric Easter eggs. pattern coming soon

Fortunately healthy candy is an option for Easter. Today there is a variety of choices of organic chocolate bars, lollipops, gummy bears, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies. See the Natural Candy Store, they have natural, organic and fairtrade chocolate eggs, bunnies, Surf Sweets jelly beans, Yummy Earth lollipops and more. However if you want great tasting healthy organic chocolate bars try Green & Black's Organic Chocolate Bar, 70% Cocoa, 3.5-Ounce Bars (Pack of 10). MMMM...so worth it! To make Easter unique, stuff little bags or eco containers full of organic nuts, raisins, dried fruit, granola and Odwalla barsmy family loves these! Place small jars filled with organic peanut butter or almond butter to dip with their chocolate...adding protein is good.

More Ideas...
Add apples, oranges or pears, raw carrots and an organic juice box or two. Last, but not least, don't forget homemade Easter gifts of cookies, brownies, gobs, maple candies and homemade fudge. All yummy and delicious!

Choose eco-friendly, unique Easter gifts and natural toys to put in those Easter baskets. Select good quality and healthy items. I know that doesn't completely convey considering Easter is all about the Easter candy for many children. However, I do my best to make it a happy medium. I use some candy (without high fructose corn syrup, additives, artificial flavoring and coloring, protein bars-preferably without soy), fruit, filled eggs, and some simple small gifts.

Small unique Easter gifts for kids would include tooth brushes, seed packets, garden tools and gloves, puzzles, playing cards, books, games, craft supplies, craft aprons, soft dough and supplies, crayon rocks, Smencils, Wee Blank drawing books, journals by Ecojot, craft kits, ribbon dancing sticks , small kites, lip balm, children's natural nail polish, Automoblox mini 3-Pack cars, eco beach play set, and whatever else your giftee may need. For instance...leggings or stockings, water shoes, sandals, swim towel, sunglasses, Easter accessories, music cd's, dvd's, e-books, hats and more.

Unique Easter Gifts for Family or Friends
Why not choose one of these organic gift baskets? Organic Capistrano Ultimate Fruit Gift, Mendocino Organic Chocolate & Nuts Gift Basket, Cascades Organic Fruit and Cider Sampler Gift Basket or an Organic Sierra Treats and Fruit Gift. And, don't forget, you can always bestow potted flowers, bulbs, perennials, herb plants of thyme, rosemary, parsley, and fruit plants of blueberries or strawberries...lasting gifts that will be remembered and appreciated every year! You see...Any of these Easter gift ideas harvest wonderful unique Easter gifts!

Homemade Unique Easter Gifts
Home sewn gifts coming soon

Paper gifts
Origami Bunny
Great to place in your child's basket or have you kids make a few table decorations.

Napkin Origami
Bunny for Easter table presentation.

Food Gifts
Easter sugar cookies...my favorite recipe coming soon
Hot Cross Buns...recipe coming soon

Book Gifts
Wool Pets
The Artful Bird: Feathered Friends to Make and Sew

Ultimately, It is our desire that you accrue wonderful unique Easter gifts and eco Easter baskets to excite every person of any age. Enjoy family and have a scrumptious Easter!

What is your favorite green Easter gift or tip? Please add your comments.

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