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Did you know Organic Body Products are equally crucial to what you eat?
That is correct! Start today... Reclaim your skin and regain a more healthy appearance and complexion by utilizing Organic Body Care Items, Organic Bath Products and Organic Hair Products.

Why? All life begins at the cellular level. Our skin is the largest organ we possess. Therefore, everything and anything we place on it is readily absorbed into our being and transported directly to our bloodstream. Behold, this process takes only 6 to 10 seconds to soak in 60 percent of those ingredients used a moment ago. Now, we can begin to understand why it is so important to reduce the toxic load within our body.

Do you want to be informed about what is lurking inside your favorite skincare products?
Unfortunately, we as consumers have to do the research. Read the labels...if you are unsure about an ingredient, type the ingredient into your browser's search engine. What does it say? You may be shocked at what you find. You can also look up ingredients in the "hazard" database. This database will allow you to search by keying in the ingredient with MSDS at the end. If you don't have the time, see our list of ingredients to avoid. I mean, this is insane! Do we really need all this stuff in our body care products...the answer is NO! So make a statement and ban these toxic products from your shopping cart.

On this site, you will discover clean, eco-friendly gifts and green bath gifts including body products for everyone in your family. Clean Organic Body Care begins now! Feed your skin well with safe, high quality, certified organic green body & skin products that are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. See everything from Healthy Soap, Organic Body Soap, Organic Face Cream, Organic Hand Cream, Organic Hair Products, Healthy Shampoo, Organic Hair Color, to Organic Sunscreen, Natural Sunscreen, Organic Toothpaste in addition to Organic Gift Ideas.

Remember to shop wisely and read the labels on the beauty products you currently use. Are they free of impurities, synthetics, alcohol, artificial fragrances, colors, parabens, sulfates, DHA, silicon or petrochemicals? If it is not certified natural or certified organic with the USDA seal, probably not. Currently, Organic Consumers have formed the "Coming Clean Campaign". This effort was formed to eliminate the falsely labeled organic brands in personal care products. Believe it or not, the word "organic" is not regulated within personal care/body care products. the labels, many health and beauty products have been falsely labeled as "organic" bringing more confusion to many consumers. Of course...This is the entire reason the Organic Natural Gift Guide was formed...To aid you and everyone in selecting great healthy gift ideas.

Throughout this site, we have exhibited resources as well as Organic Body Products including Organic Body Care, Bath Products, Hair Care Products, Lotions and more. Products that are green, healthy and eco-friendly for your skin and the earth. So care for the skin your in and nourish it with Organic Healthy Gifts.

We can all help ourselves and our environment a little at a time...
So, why not start now?

Our Selections for Safe Organic Body Products Coming Soon!

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