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Welcome to Our Selection of Green Toys & Crafts!
Looking for great green gift ideas for kids and teens? You've come to the end of the rainbow! We have collected cool assortments of safe, natural green toys and crafts perfect for birthdays, the holidays or any other occasion. All our gifts are earth-friendly and are sure to please even the pickiest giftee—items that will all be appreciated and used. We also have wonderful handmade gift ideas as well as green crafts and art supplies for children to help them unleash their own creativity. Read our brief outline why parents purchase and support organic, green toys and craft supplies.

We have worked hard to bring you a wide variety of safe and truly eco-friendly gifts—toys that are unquestionably fun and in many cases educational as well. We have included eco games and wooden toys as well as paperless reusable art boards. And of course we have also included various organic crafts, ranging from craft kits for kids to individual green art and crafts supplies to help kids and teens realize their own ideas. There are even organic, all-natural gift baskets for kids and gift baskets for teens! Green toys and crafts can help solve many, many of your gift dilemmas, providing easy gift ideas for all the kids and teens on your gift list. And it is especially important to encourage an awareness of the environment and the importance of green, eco-friendly, healthy, clean products in our younger generations, so they will grow up with a greater appreciation of their own impact on the natural world, and a predisposition to looking for green, earth-friendly products for themselves and others now and in the future.

As noted elsewhere on our site, when gift-giving, start by asking yourself several important questions about your giftees: What kind of person are they? What kind of music do they listen to (particularly important for teens, but even younger children often have strong preferences)? What do they like? Do they have a hobby (this can help you find the right crafts and/or art supplies for them)? Do they have a favorite DVD? Who are their favorite authors? Are they athletic or enjoy sports? Are they an avid outdoor person? Do they love electronics? And so on. These questions can help you pick a green toy or craft item that will find a welcoming home with your recipient.

Whether green crafts and toys are for your own son or daughter, niece or nephew, grandchild or another youngster, your gift will be admired and saved throughout their lifetime. After all, these gifts are intended to be passed down to other generations to come...even greener! Yet, we hope your are wowed with these classic, simple, entertaining and educational gifts for children and teens.

Are you prepared to access our fabulous gift solutions? Please, have fun looking through our eco-friendly selections of green art supplies, dolls and other stuffed animals, kitchen toys and accessories, striking puzzles, automotive toys, building toys, music gifts, electronic gifts..can't leave this out and craft books! We are sure you will find something to suit every taste, and that all your giftees will value your thoughtfulness in choosing natural, earth-friendly, safe, organic products as gifts.

Wow! Green gift ideas OVERLOAD...difficult deciding? We ARE here to help!
Browse our homemade gift ideas, or healthy food gifts...spark any interest?
How about Amazon Gift Cards or Gift Certificates , music gifts or a favorite DVD gift...My kids love receiving any of these gift ideas. Again, if you have any comments or suggestions concerning Green Toys or Crafts, don't hesitate to contact us!

Green Gift Ideas Coming...please be patient.

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